May 4, 2015

My Weight Loss Journey

Five years ago I decided I needed to make a change regarding my weight and my overall health. I've only gotten focused to really do so this year. My actions had to catch up with my very pure intentions to do something about the unhappiness I was feeling with being overweight. I don't share the story of always being overweight. I wasn't. I was actually very thin growing up and then my metabolism just slowed down. I couldn't eat whatever I wanted and still stay the same size anymore. I also felt like I was always smaller than what was really the reality. When I looked at myself in the mirror with clothes on, I still had a shape so I felt like I was fine. If only I would have just started then, who knows where I could be. 

But in today's timeline, I started fumbling around at the gym not really knowing what I was doing. I started going back to the basics of what I thought was clean eating not realizing that even some good food isn't good for you either. That one was a shock...

Finally, I found what I feel is working for me which is a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, body weight exercises, and Olympic weight lifting, called Crossfit. 

For a person with absolutely no athletic background whatsoever, I can get thru a strenuous workout without feeling like I'm going to die. It gives me a great sweat and I can finally see and feel muscles in my body that I've never had. Through the program, I've also found what works for my body food wise. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not one of those people that can eat fruit all day, everyday, thinking I'm eating clean. I've had to be very conscious about what types of fruit I eat if I want to see results. I also only drink one cup of coffee everyday (everyone has a vice) and a gallon of water....erh'day.

Overall, I'm understanding why the phrase weight loss journey was coined...

It's all about trial and error and finding out and THEN doing what works for you. 

This past weekend, I've never felt sexier and proud of the progress I've made thus far. I was expecting a lot more pats on the back from my family and close love ones but the one opinion that truly mattered the most was mine. I felt on top of the world for how I looked in the mirror. I was proud of me and that ends with a period.

If I had to compare, I'll say that I'm at the half way point in my journey. And I will still celebrate because half there is still almost there and far away from the beginning.  I'm still laps ahead of those that are doing absolutely nothing to get healthier.  At first I couldn't tell if any of this was working, but the tough workouts and 5 am runs, and not over-indulging in sweet tea and fried wings, are truly paying off. I can finally SEE it. So I will continue to take as many selfies as I want and admire the progression and dedication I've made knowing that giving up on myself is no longer an option.  And if I can inspire just one person on the way, that ain't half bad either! 

In the LAB cooking...

Long way to go but so far from where I was!
And NO Spanks! 

Just happy to be here!


April 11, 2015

Taps mic...Plus Simple Foundation Products for a Glow-y and Natural Look!

Anyone there? Probably not because Google believes I'm dead. But I'm not. I'm here and I'm alive. My blog on the other hand...

I don't know why I do this to myself. I know how therapeutic writing is and I love connecting with the blogging community but I always stall. I think it's because I'm not always clear on what direction I want to take my blog and who exactly I would like to reach. Things I love are positive women, clean and colorful design, cool gadgets and techs, stylish chics, clean makeup, fitness, parenting, small businesses and spirituality. So I guess that sounds more like a lifestyle blog I guess...At any rate, I'm going to figure it out eventually.  But I'm going to make it a point to check in and stay consistent. Consistency is the key!

So I'll start this off with a random post about makeup and how I've found the perfect glow-y look. I don't have much time in the mornings since we have to get moving so early. So I needed a routine that was fairly quick and fairly inexpensive so that I can maintain it. I've cut my makeup budget in half by mixing drug store products with higher end makeup. It may seem like a lot but it really isn't compared to some foundation routines. Once you get a system in place then it is easy peasy! So Alas...

The Essentials 


The Results! 

This is after a full day of wear. I applied my makeup at 6:00 am the morning of!

Foundation : Revlon 24 Color Stay
Concealer : LA Girl Pro Concealer
Blush : Mac Love Joy
Setting Powder : Tarte Translucent Powder

P.S. Shout out to my fellow blogger and real life friend Toya from for putting me on to the foundation. It really is comparable to Mac's Studio Fix but over half of the cost!

September 1, 2014

The Gratitude Challenge

As I lay here listening to my love slumber I can't help but feel grateful for life and love.

I'm learning quickly that life is too short to hold grudges or hold on to past hurts or not allow yourself to be loved. Choosing to love and be grateful everyday is not easy at first but it's worth it. It has a way of making everything that's wrong in your life seem alright.

My daughter is in the other room sleeping, peacefully - that's way more important than the anxieties I have about not having everything I would like to have for her first day of school tomorrow. She has what she needs and she will be ok.  The peace in knowing that, is what I am eternally grateful for.

As cliche as it may be, there really is something about focusing on the positive than the negative. Counting your blessings instead of what you don't have. Finding something to be grateful for in the midst of your trials and troubles. Finding someone to serve to bring you out of your own self. There is power in all of this - that honestly benefits you the most.  

Do I have more money in the bank to do everything I want? Nope. Am I flourishing in my business so much that I can stop working my soul sucking bridge today? Nope. But what I am flourishing in is peace, love and a little bit of patience with a whole lotta faith. And that's a winning combo to confirm I'm on my way!

If you follow me on social media then you know for the month of September I am posting something I am grateful for everyday. I challenge you to join me as this will unlock so many reasons to smile and feel good about your life wherever you are!

Tell me now, what are some things you are grateful for? 

August 28, 2014

3 Simple Tips to Update A Living Room On A Budget

When it comes to updating a living room on a budget, I feel that people tend to over complicate it. Choose your local Home Goods, Target or TJ Maxx and just make it do what it do! But on a budget!

My clients featured today did exactly that for under $100! They already had the plants and the book shelf that you see here. They just wanted to accessorize the bookshelf and wanted to update the living to look more refined and intentional.

I could handle that with these 3 simple tips!

Cleanliness costs nothing. Put things in their proper places. Just putting things where they go will not only clear your space, but clear your mind!

Bring everything into your living room that represents you. Don't be afraid to show your personality throughout your space by adding your favorite colors or family photos. I brought in candles and personal trinkets from other rooms to make the living room feel a bit more homey.

This is where most of the budget went. Money was spent on textured pillows, gold accents, picture frames and decorative organizers to hide books, dvds, etc. Accessorizing is so important. It gives the living a finished and more cohesive look.

You can apply these 3 simple tips with any room in your space. If you wait on a a set amount of money to start updating your place, you will never update your place. If you find that it's just not in the budget at moment, then apply the first two tips. Organize and Personalize and you'll be half way there!

If you would love a more updated look for your space, book me today and lets get started!


August 20, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Staying Inspired While Working a Bridge Job

Interior Design School: A place where you work on your dream projects with your dream clients with your dream no budget, budget.

Reality: A place where none of that happens. 

Instead you are met with deadlines on top of deadlines. You are now the fastest Cad monkey in your firm shuffling construction documents and your social life consists of checking social media via your phone while grabbing your 5th latte of the day.

I don't mean to make it sound ultra drab but, well - it kind of can be. At least for me it was, which has confirmed that I may not be the most ideal person to continue to work for someone else for the rest of my life. I have my own dreams and my own goals regarding business that is tied up in my personal definition of what success looks like to me. I just don't feel successful doing mediocre work on mediocre projects working for a mediocre company meeting someone else deadline. As over dramatic as this sounds, it's plain old soul sucking.

However. I'm nobody's fool. And Mama gotta to eat and I have to feed a little human.


Referring to these lack luster jobs as bridge jobs has helped me gain perspective. Clearly, it would be nice to be able to clothe, house and feed myself while I'm chasing my 'dream everything business', so I must work, especially if I want to remain a bootstrap, brick by brick business.

The thing is, when you know that there is something greater for you out there, you tend to lose motivation that cripples you from even getting out of the bed to go to that bridge job-let alone remaining inspired and full of creatives ideas to make your business grow. It can be draining and not leave room for anything else outside of staring out the window asking yourself why is this my life?

So that leads me into these tried and true tips that have worked for me in remaining inspired while working for someone else:

1. Find That Motivation 

Whatever that is for you, find it. Be it God, self help books, therapy. Find what keeps you waking up in the morning and putting your best foot forward. For me, what has helped is instead of listening to Pandora or Spotify, I started listening to podcasts and videos by other creative business entrepreneurs. I would listen as I worked. Win/Win. I'm gaining knowledge on my business while still catering to my bridge job. It really helps with getting thru the day. My personal favorites are Jess Lively-she's a consulting based business that focuses on setting intention for your business and personal life. Grace Bonney who is the creator of Design Sponge. Her podcasts feature other creative business entrepreneurs that dives into anything from how they got started to business lessons learned. And last but certainly not least, Marie Forleo-a woman that is dedicated to helping you create the business and life you love. Really. It's her tag line.

Also, seek after a mentor within your niche, with or without their knowledge. Meaning you can have a real life mentor or a mentor in your head! When the opportunity presents itself let him/her know how much you are inspired by their work and ask to buy them a cup of coffee to have quick chat if you're starting off like me or suggest to pay for their time if you're more established.  No matter where you are in business, we can all use a mentor. My mentor in my head is Alycia of Mupplebee. She is an Interior Designer teaching other Interior Designs how to start, manage and run a successful business. The design gods were really looking out for your girl when I found read:stalked her! I've already reached out to her and she's super nice and encouraging! One day I will take her out of my head and turn her into my real life mentor. I'm loving all of the information I'm receiving so far. 

2.  Find Your Spiritual Source

This kind of/sort of ties into #1 in regards to finding a source that is higher than yourself.  Stepping out on your own is It is imperative that you have something or someone that you pray to in order to combat the overwhelming fear that you will feel. For me, I use the Original G! Good old God himself. Without him, I would not be able to hold my crap together at all. I rely on praying and speaking affirmations over my life to combat the fear of the unknown. I also like to connect with spiritual mature people that understand the human natural feelings I have but can still provide a practical AND a spiritual solution.

3. Just Do Something

All the praying and listening and reading in the world won't mean a hill of beans if no action is happening. If you put one foot forward then God will meet you where ever you are. When you take two steps further, you may pick up on a piece of advice that could save or make you millions. See, all of these things work together. You can't do one without the other. Praying with no action yields no results. Learning with no action yields no results. Sitting on your hands hoping for an opportunity to fall in your lap Yields. No. Results.

I've been blessed enough to have positive people in my corner supporting and encouraging me along the way. They encourage for me to continue to do the responsible thing such as keeping a stable job until I can do better. However, they also speak life into my future, hopes and aspirations with managing  my own successful interior design company. Fear can be paralyzing at times. It can stop you dead in your tracks when the path is already laid out just waiting for your first step. I challenge you (and myself) to meditate on this beautifully well written quote the next time you get that lump in your throat, or palms get a bit sweaty, or stomach feels a little queezy. Recognize that it is only fear and anxiety. Hush it up by saying:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously
give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.
-Marianne Williamson

Shine on guys!

P.s. Please share tips on how you maintain inspiration while working your bridge job.

P.s.s. Share tips on how you transitioned from your bridge job to a full time business owner.

I would love to hear from you!

August 2, 2014

Designer, Meet Perfect Client

There comes a time when there is a match made in heaven between client and designer and I believe I have found that lucky one! This client contacted me after years of initially meeting. We connected instantly and were both scratching our heads as to why we lost contact in the first place. This is the most exciting project I've had to date. This is a girly/classic/colorful space and just a designer's dream.! 

Here's a sneak peak of one of the mood boards I've done for a certain part of the space. Can you guess what type of commercial project this is going to be? 

Stay Tuned!


April 4, 2014

3 Easy Tips for a Well Designed Home Office-Become More Productive Today!

Since attending Interior Design school in Florida, I've always found myself working on the side of commercial interiors. I've always had an interest in how people worked so it was only befitting to have an opportunity to design work spaces. I believe your work space should inspire and motivate to well, actually do work.

I've had the chance to work for well design office spaces such as HOK in St. Louis and PDR in Houston. Both places got it right with creating a fun and illuminating place to work.

HOK @ Chicago Office 

PDR in Houston. Notice how both former employers branded the space with a designated color. HOK was a deep orange and PDR was yellow. 

When projects deadlines were approaching or the stress level was peaking or I wanted to strangle a co worker or two, I still managed to-at the very least, enjoyed my environment. Both places had phenomenal views because they were both in high rise buildings downtown so that was the icing on the cake!

However, if you're never granted the opportunity to work in such high profile architecture firms, you can still have your very own work oasis in your own home!

I've wrapped up a well designed home office space into 3 simple steps!

1. Designate a quiet room or corner for your space. 

  • This could be anywhere in your home that will grant you privacy when you're using your office.
  • Although my office is in my living room I've still dedicated a 'wall' for it, and when my house is quiet, I'm able to use the space in private. 
This space is far from done but I just wanted to show that you didn't need an official room to have a home office. I plan to add storage, better lighting and design the wall by adding paint or a decorative decal to brand the space. My office chair has dual purposes acting as the desk chair and an extra chair for the living room. 

2. Illuminate and Isolate.

  • Brand your space! This can be done with an accent color or the desk acting as the focal point. But make sure your office makes you feel as if you're walking into your very own branded, well designed space and I guarantee you will be ready to work!
  • Also, not only is lighting practical but this is a wonderful opportunity to add a design element. There are a plethora of lighting options that could bring personality to your office. 
This home office is branded by the color green! This simple and very cheap solution allows you to separate the space as an office and add an decorative element that should make you feel happy to be working in this office.

3. Storage! Storage! Storage!

  • First you must DECLUTTER! Everything should have a home from bills, to work assignments to the kids homework. There must be a place for everything if you want to remain productive and efficient. Organization is the key!
  • Even in a small space, there are a number of ways to accommodate your personal needs regardless of how small or big your office is. I'm going to personally add baskets to my bookshelf for storage. I'm also thinking of purchasing another book case once I run out of room. 
This office space is clean and clear of clutter. Everything has a home! Love it!

Storage options doesn't have to be boring. You can have dual purposes for your storage.
In this space, storage is used as a decorative element for the wall and it's practical use of providing storage.
Wherever your home office is located, you can make it into your very own by showcasing your personality. That's the beauty of having your own home office. You can brand the space however you want! 

If you follow these 3 easy steps, your office will provide a desire to want to be in it and I promise you will be more productive and ready to work! 

For more inspiration on home office pictures, follow me on Pinterest and check out my Home Office Board.